20 thoughts that run through every new scuba diver’s head

Hey diver, do any of these ring a bell?

Definitely the case for most of us

It’s a whole new world beneath the surface. You remember what it was like, right? For some it was years back, and for others it wasn’t too long ago when you took your first giant stride off the boat and into the ocean. Regardless when we got certified as Open Water (OW) divers, it’s safe to say we all felt similar emotions and wondered about certain things before, during, and after the OWD journey. We know you’ve been there, so hands up if any of these thoughts are familiar to you!

#1 *While reading about regulators in the Open Water Diver Manual* What is this thing?



#2 *While examining a regulator for the first time at the pool* Seriously, WHAT IS THIS THING??!



#3 *While trying to learn how to set up your own scuba tank based on the Open Water Diver Manual* Huh?



#4 *While actually setting up your own scuba tank for the first time* What???

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?????!!!!??!! #confuseddotcom

#5 *Just as you put on your BCD and feel the weight of the scuba tank, plus all your dive gear* OMG this is really heavy.



#6 What if I have to pee during the dive?

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You mean I have to piss in this wetsuit if I don’t hold it in?!

#7 Wait, isn’t this is a rented wetsuit that’s been worn by at least a hundred other divers…?



#8 What if I accidentally step on a fish?

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Please forgive me.

#9 Why am I hovering upside down?

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Something tells me I’m not doing this right.

#10 Stay close behind the instructor because if a shark comes along it will eat them first.

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Dodged that bullet lyke a pro.

#11 Where the hell is my instructor?

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Specially dedicated to those who did their OWD course in murky waters with zero visibility.

#12 *While struggling to clear your flooded mask* ARGHHHH! MY EYES. THEY BUUUUURNNNN.

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Hardly an exaggeration.

#13 *When you’re descending for the first time* WHERE IS THE BOTTOM WHERE IS THE BOTTOM WHERE IS THE BOTTOM?!

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Are we there yet?

#14 Where’d all the fish go?

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Pretty please?

#15 Breathe, dammit, breathe!

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And stop forgetting!!

#16 Umm… I’m not sinking. Help?

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Which is also on the list of things you’d never thought you say.

#17 Did this idiot just kick me in the face?

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That’s it. We’re not dive buddies anymore.

#18 You know what’s hard? Not rocket science. Getting your damn buoyancy right.

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I’ll never ever get it.

#19 I’m finning but I’m getting nowhere.

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Hang on. I think there’s a song in there somewhere.

#20 *When you’re done diving for the day* That’s funny… I can still feel the motion of the ocean…


Fun fact: It’s called reverse seasickness and it’s also known as land sickness.

Contributors: Suzanne Beaumont (Australia), Rohan Suppiah (Singapore), Paul Cook (UK), Ibrahim Iqbal (Singapore), Sander Van Der Zwan (Netherlands)

After much procrastination, Vanessa finally dipped her feet into the deep mid-2016 and immediately fell in love with scuba. When she isn't dreaming about her next dive adventure she plays tourist guide in Singapore, learning the history of the country and taking the roads less travelled for her website (vanontheroad.com).