7 hacks every scuba diver should know

(Scuba) life made easier with these seven tips and tricks

Foggy mask? No problem

Sure, we all love scuba diving, but let’s be honest – it can be such a nightmare at times. From the little things that are mightily annoying (does anyone actually enjoy the process of putting on a wetsuit?!) to hard-hitting facts like how expensive it can really be as a sport, these don’t exactly make us smile. But hey, that’s where hacks come in. Hopefully these seven tips and tricks will help make (scuba) life a little easier.

#1 Use watered-down baby shampoo as a defogger. Make sure your mask is dry before applying a few drops to the lens. Rub the solution all around, covering every inch of the lens, before letting it dry for a bit. Before entering the water, give the mask a little rinse (doesn’t matter if it’s fresh or salt water).

#2 Mix alcohol and vinegar for an inexpensive ear-cleaning solution. Make it 50 percent rubbing alcohol and 50 percent white vinegar (acetic acid). This concoction helps dry up excess water in the ear and keep infections at bay, and is especially handy if you’re doing several dives a day in a muck diving destination (where the waters are usually pretty dirty).

#3 Instead of diving gloves, opt for work gloves. They are cheaper, durable, and protect your hands the same way pricey diving gloves would. Find the right fit at your nearest DIY store.

Wetsuits: the bane of every scuba diver’s existence

#4 Use a plastic bag to put on your wetsuit easily. Put your hand or foot in a plastic bag so that the wetsuit can slide right through. Sorry, friction, you don’t get to win this time.

#5 Get a basic funnel and use it as a snoot. Don’t want to splurge on a fancy new device for your camera? Purchase a simple collapsible silicone funnel (they’re reasonably priced online) and start shooting and snooting away.

#6 This one’s for the ladies: Invest in a menstrual cup. You don’t have to skip dives or use tampons anymore if it’s that time of the month for you. Unlike tampons, menstrual cups don’t have to be removed and changed for long periods of time because they merely collect blood, not absorb. They are reusable and economical, plus, they take up little space in your luggage and are environmentally friendly!

#7 Coat your dive knife with a layer of car wax or silicone lubricant to prevent rust. Works like a charm.

Co-founder and editor of GoodVis, Sam has been obsessed with scuba diving since 2011. When she's not doing research on lesser-known dive destinations, ogling at new scuba gear, or taking pictures of fish underwater, she's either writing or stuffing her face with awesome food (or doing both simultaneously).