Best of 2016: GoodVis’ top three dives of the year

The team recalls three of their 2016 below-water highlights

Nurse sharks cruising through dark waters at the Alimatha dive site (Photo: Budin Aris)

From macro wonderland Lembeh and big fish country Komodo in Indonesia to an expedition cruise through the Visayas in the Philippines, the GoodVis team has done a fair bit of diving this year. As the end of 2016 approaches, we couldn’t help but look back in awe at some of the best underwater experiences we’ve had during these glorious 366 days. Here’s everyone’s crème de la crème of 2016.

Night diving with nurse sharks and stingrays in the Maldives

Dive site: Alimatha House Reef

“Night dives aren’t always that exciting. But in Felidhoo/Vaavu Atoll in the Maldives, there’s this amazing one you can do on the house reef of a resort named Alimatha. Apparently the kitchen staff get rid of fish parts in the waters right by the property, so for years nurse sharks and other marine life have been gathering just below for the free food. The dive guides that bring you here feed these animals and it’s all done in a very controlled environment. Note that these nurse sharks will invade your personal space and even bump you out of the way to be fed if they have to, so just remain calm and enjoy the show. Watch out for the stingrays though, they can sometimes get a bit too friendly.”

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– Sharon Lim

Dive with bull sharks – cageless – in Shark Reef Marine Reserve, Pacific Harbour, Fiji (Photo: Sam David)

Cageless shark diving with bulls in Fiji

Dive site: Shark Reef (Marine Reserve)

“It’s hard to beat this dive experience. I’ve always wanted to do this shark dive in Fiji and when I finally managed to in November, I was just blown away. I will never forget yelling “Holy sh*t!” underwater as I spotted my first bull shark swimming freely in mid-water near the feeding point.”

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– Sam David

Mating cuttlefish at Richelieu Rock (Photo: Budin Aris)

Exploring the world-famous Richelieu Rock in Thailand

Dive site: Richelieu Rock

“It’s unbelivable how popular this dive site is. The horseshoe-shaped reef was discovered by Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and at the heart of this spot lies a massive pinnacle that attracts all sorts of big and small creatures. From cuttlefish to barracuda and even whale sharks, you stand a good chance of seeing them all here.”

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– Budin Aris

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