Mares recall their XR Line Inflator


Mares has issued a voluntary recall of their XR Line Inflator after discovering a quality issue. The inflator is mounted on the XR line aircells and made by a third-party supplier, Ferplast.

Mares is asking consumers to “IMMEDIATELY STOP DIVING WITH IT AND RETURN IT TO YOUR MARES DEALER.” Mares says the dealer will arrange for a free replacement of the inflator. Mares says the inflator has been recalled because “under certain circumstances, the deflation button could come unscrewed which could result in loss of the seal at the mouthpiece. This, in turn, would result in a loss of buoyancy that could potentially lead to an accident and serious injury or death.”

Recalled Products

Inflators with a serial number from 8A – 02001 to 8A – 07630 are being recalled:

  • 417511: Donut Bladder Single Tank – XR Line
  • 417512: Donut Bladder Twin Tank – XR Line
  • 417536: Sidemount Pure Light Bladder – XR Line
  • 417539: Red Devil Single Backmount set – XR Line
  • 417540: Red Devil Single Backmount set SSI – XR Line
  • 417547: Pure Light Sidemount compl.set – XR Line
  • 417550: Silver Knight Single BM set – XR Line
  • 417551: Blue Battle Single Backmount set – XR Line

Aircells that are fitted with the previous type inflator and do not fall in within this range of serial numbers (8A – 02001 to 8A – 07630) are not affected by this recall.


The first thing you need to do is to stop diving with the BCD. Contact the Mares Dealer you bought the unit from or contact Mares directly with the information below. You will be instructed of the best way to return your BCD to Mares for assessment. Be sure to remove any personal parts you may have added to avoid potential loss.

Once identified as a faulty unit the inflator, corrugated hose, elbow and gasket will be replaced and your unit returned to your dealer for collection.

For more information on Mares’ statement on the recall please visit Mares website.